Kemiko® de Costa Rica S.A. was founded with the purpose of providing customers with differents materials and applications that provide the most innovative finishes in the construction industry . With the exclusive representation of Kemiko (USA ) in Costa Rica, we are committed to the task of understanding the scope of our products in order to transmit the knowledge to our customers.

Kemiko® acid stain can transform an ordinary concrete surface into an elegant finish with natural stone appearance. It consists of two steps: an acid that changes the color of concrete through a chemical reaction that penetrates and oxidizes the minerals of the concrete permanently, and a coating or transparent finish or sealer that protects the surface from wear and stains. This finish can be flat, satin or glossy.

Since 1930, Kemiko® (USA) has served the concrete industry. Architects, builders, designers and contractors have been the defenders of this Product Line for its versatility, durability and qualities. Environmentally Safe. Homeowners have enjoyed its beauty and ease of USE.



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Kemiko® acid stain can transform a surface of concrete ordinary into an elegant finish with natural stone appearance. It consists of two steps: the acid that changes the color of concrete by means of a chemical reaction that penetrates and oxidizes the concrete permanently, and a transparent coating that protects the concrete surface from wear and stains, giving the final desired finish, be that flat, satin or glossy.


  • It can be applied only on concrete surfaces (cement ) , whether new or old .
  • It is indoor and outdoor use.
  • It penetrates the acid in particular, is not and does not paint thickness , therefore must be taken into account for the final floor level.
  • Concrete the more polished better finish will . Careful not to "burn" the concrete as they left black marks in the area. If your concrete is rough acid always react but will not have the appearance of polished stone or marble.
  • It is ideal for floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen envelopes , banks , residential and commercial projects.
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KEM- 3700® Component Epoxy Sealer Epoxy A and B Bright Indoor use (water base)

Epoxy KEM -3700 sealant is a bright , transparent , which provides high adhesion and abrasion resistance , low odor and designed to be used as a thin layer of finishing first . It can be applied on concrete walls, metal , wood and plaster surfaces.

Epoxy KEM -3700 is approved by the USDA for use in food processing areas and can recoat in 2 hours.


KEM- 28CC Sealant Solvent Based Acrylic Concrete ( Interior / Exterior )

KEM- 28CC is a solvent-based acrylic sealant (28 % solid). Designed to protect concrete , brick and cobblestone . It can be applied on concrete floors and walls , polished stone , stone corolina and can be used on many surfaces, but it is recommended to test compatibility before applying.

Dries to a transparent and uniform coat, not yellowish. It is used for indoor and outdoor industrial , commercial and residential areas.

It is ideal for applications on concrete color or acid. This product form a hard , transparent and tough film .


Maximum Repellent KEM2000 sealer is a clear, film less, penetrating water-based for virtually all above-grade, vertical concrete, stucco, pre-cast, brick, sandstone and block masonry. The treatment does not alter the color or texture of the surface, nor significantly affect the vapor transmission qualities of the substrate. This specially formulated sealer penetrates the substrate and chemically reacts to create a powerful barrier against water penetration. Stucco, concrete, stone, and masonry treated with KEM2000 resist water intrusion, stain damage, efflorescence, ultraviolet, fungus, rust damage and freeze/thaw spalling. KEM2000 sealer is milky-white when applied, dries invisible, leaving the aesthetic appearance of the substrate unchanged.


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An acrylic emulsion with high content of solids, modified and formulated to create as strong bonding agent. It can be applied directly to the surface of the existing concrete. You can also add it to the cement (mortar) or concrete mix to improve its strength, flexibility and impact resistance. Advantages This agent does not emulsify if exposed to water like other vinyl latex based products. Its high content of solid acrylic creates a perfect adhesive on most surfaces. It can be used indoor / outdoor surfaces such as concrete, bricks, blocks, wood, plaster, tiles, metal, and most surfaces, where a strong bond is required.

Other Uses

Acri-bond as a modifying agent mixed into the cement mixture (Cementitious Plaster) Acri-Bond can be used as a cement modifier by mixing it into the cement and sand mixture, creating a mortar or plaster with enhanced the properties. The modified mixture should have at least 10% (or more) Acri-Bond (solid) by weight of cement. The mixture can be applied over existing concrete or any other surface. This mixture creates a strong bond to the existing surface, preventing cracking or detachment.


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